DISH 2019 Hackathon | Inclusive Prosperity Fintech Summit

February 22, 2019 Amadeobrands

DISH 2019 Hackathon | Inclusive Prosperity Fintech Summit

dish 2019 fintech summit

Let’s build together! The Inclusive Prosperity Fintech Summit is a 2-day event that will have two parts — The DISH 2019 Hackathon & FinTech Forum. The events will be joined in by regulators, investors, blockchain coders, academics, and fintech entrepreneurs. The first ever Philippine community-led blockchain hackathon is back for its second run as we invite you to take part in the Dish 2019 Hackathon this coming April 6-7, 2019.

The FinTech Forum will bring upon in depth discussion and ideas about the developing fintech ecosystem in the Philippines. As its goal is towards sustainable growth for the Fintech industry, there will be reputable leaders from the Fintech industry ready to share their stories and ideas. With this, they hope to inspire more actions towards a positive outcome.

Together with this event, DISH 2019 will be calling and gathering top coders from all over the blockchain industry to work on solving real world solutions. At the same time there will be business leaders and potential investors who will come and listen in to their pitches.

EOI Digital is excited to announce its partnership in the event as we believe in the potential the Philippines has in the Blockchain industry. Get ready to meet some amazing like-minded people and show off your talent as we have so much happening so get excited.

Inclusive Prosperity Fintech Summit: DISH 2019 Hackathon and Fintech Forum

Dish 2019 is a startup challenge with the goal of allowing Metro Manila developers to create and build important and sustainable platforms with blockchain technology. It’s going to be headed by Blockdevs Asia in the Philippines as they hope to promote blockchain use case design while engineering skill awareness onto local talents with potential. With this, we hope to bring about a bigger hiring pool for all the participating blockchain companies.

IOST + DISH 2019

DISH 2019 will have a IOST focused development hackaton with main theme Inclusive Prosperity will have a IOST Focused Development track. For extra support Terrence Wang the CTO from IOST will guide local blockcain development tallent to build ontop of the IOST softweare stack. If you want to support the hackaton vote for our BlockDevs Asia node! The more votes we get the bigger we can topup the IOST reward for the best app build ontop of IOST.

Get ready to experiment.


What’s there to do?

Whether you’re a newbie or a long time fan of the Blockchain space, there’s a variety of events for you to attend. You can explore and experiment as you please with 2 days of development. You can also meet the mentors with different sets of expertise so you can see what areas you can possibly go into. Afterwards, you can get to practice those presentation skills as you pitch your amazing creations to our prestigious judges.

Build, Build and Build.

The whole event is about creating something new and great. With so much time and talent surrounding you, it’s a fruitful and amazing ride no matter what. A hackathon is the best opportunity to grow while making awesome connections at the same time. At this point, winning would just be a notable bonus.

Learn from the Best of the Best.

With such amazing mentors ready to teach you all they know, that’s more than enough reason to go. Get to learn from Caspar Oostendorp, who’s a total pro at blockchain and software. There’s Chris Verceles for all your full stack and blockchain developer needs. Tracey Li is a software engineer whose skill and talent is a must learn. Of course, we have our very own EOI Digital CTO Amadeo Brands who’s just pumped to share his European blockchain experience and share it to the Philippine audience. You’ll also have your co-participants who are sure to have their amazing tricks up their sleeve.

What are you waiting for?


Join the hackathon of the year and register for DISH 2019 Metro Manila. We’ve still got spots left so get them while they’re still there. No need to worry as registration is completely free! Register here and let’s get to hacking!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in becoming a DISH 2019 sponsor, you also sponsor the BlockDevs Asia meetups. This is a great gathering of people doing tech deep dives while educating and helping out local blockchain developer talents. Check out the BlockDevs Asia for more information.


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