Hack Manila 2018 rewards Best Pitch to Roy Selbach

November 20, 2018
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November 20, 2018 Amadeobrands

Hack Manila 2018 rewards Best Pitch to Roy Selbach

hack manila 2018 localokal best pitch

Hack Manila 2018

Last November 17 and 18, 2018, Hack Manila 2018 transpired as August 99’s first of many planned large-scale hackathons. Their goal is to be able to pioneer a platform for innovation and showcase emerging talents and amazing ideas. Over 48 hours, groups of dynamic hackers from all over Metro Manila were challenged to engage in a collaborative activity of computer programming. The aim was to create a web, hardware or mobile project completely from scratch. This is a great event as the Philippines is constantly being urged to digitally transform.



EOI Digital’s co-founder Roy Selbach was part of the challenge in LokaLocal. The challenge was aimed to help farmers improve their lives and also ensure a future for our local coffee industry. This will also help LOFT, who sponsored the challenge, to sell their products. They have 2 types of customers, the first is co-worker while the second is prepaid. Both these types are given QR codes that contain credits that they use to gain access in the different spaces in the LOFT offices.

The challenge is to make a system that will let the customers ‘buy’ the coffee using the credits in any LOFT coworking space. Aside from that, the system should also be able to track the amount of kilos each coffee partner uses, where and when the coffee cups were purchase and which brand it’s located in.

The partner will describe the specific brew they make that is from local beans. These beans then proceed to be part of the ‘giving back’ program as a percentage of each sale is given to the local coffee farmers.

The Challenge

This lead them to create a mobile app that has the following core features:

  • Virtual Coffee Payment System
    • QR-Code Scanning by receipt
    • Virtual Crediting System
  • Select your own charity project
    • Pick from our selected partner list
  • Detailed Insights
    • Donation overview
    • Coffee consumptions stats
  • Loft & Partner News
    • Latest news
    • Promotional options

The Process

They also emphasized on how simplicity is key so it was achievable in a few but very key steps.

  1. Get your coffee
    Visit LOFT’s co-working space and get coffee from the barista bars.
  2. Pay via QR scan.
    Once you order, you will receive a receipt. In the receipt, you will find a QR Code. Scan the QR code to pay with your credits.
  3. Confirm Selected Project.
    The previously selected project will pop up. Once you’re ready to support this movement, click to confirm.

localokal hack manila

And that’s it! All that was achieved in three easy steps and aside from getting your coffee, you are also able to support a local cause. That in itself is already amazing but it is taken even further with Gamification with a LOFT Location Display. This is where you will be able to see the coffee rankings, the latest news, the competition in the different locations and even win prizes.  This creates awareness in an interactive way.

hack manila 2018 localokal best pitch

It’s truly not surprising that this project was able to nab the Best Pitch as it is easy to understand, effective and attention grabbing. We would also like to salute Roy for his presentation skills that were a sure bonus to this whole presentation.

If you want to create a project like this whether it’s a movement or a business proposal, we can help you promote and boost you into developing conscious digital innovations. EOI Digital has an award winning team as we have also won awards in hackathons in Chicago and Shanghai. Contact us here to get started today!


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