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Liam Zebedee

Full Stack Engineer, Blockchain Engineer


Liam Zebedee

Full Stack Engineer, Blockchain Engineer

about me

Liam Zebedee is young but filled with so much experience. He has been a developer for many companies and is currently contract for BlockLab where he is a senior engineer that consults about blockchain projects and uses it’s full-stack development skills. Liam is a true leader who learns fast and is always open towards connecting new ideas. With his creativity and resourcefulness, he analyzes problems and motivates everyone with his optimistic energy.

When Liam was only 18, he builds the first non-finance blockchain product in Australia. He consistently organizes and partakes in Hackathons to keep growing and honing his craft. His clients are always satisfied with his talent and persevering attitude that accepts any challenges full on.

#innovation #blockchain #digitaltransformation #crypto #crypto-assets #token-design #Token Engineering

More about me

work experience

  • BlockLab Rotterdam: Sr. Blockchain & Full-Stack Engineer, 2018 - Present
  • Vivant: Design Intern, 2017
  • Cuberider: Full-stack Engineer, 2016
  • Vererdictum: Full-stack Engineer, 2016
  • Sydcoin: Bitcoin and Blockchain Consultant, 2015-2016
  • UpTech: Full-stack Developer, 2014-2016
  • WiseTeach Global: Software Developer Intern, 2015

education & skills

  • Bachelor of IT, Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney - 2015-2017
  • Virtual Reality Design, Academy Xi - 2017
  • Mathematics and Technology, Queensland Academy for Science - 2012-2014
  • Courses PHP, MYSQL, HTML5/CSS and PSD, AI, Architecture and PM, Technical University, Eindhoven - 2012
Some things I love to share

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