New App from Flexa Allows You Easier Crypto Asset Shopping

June 26, 2019 Amadeobrands

New App from Flexa Allows You Easier Crypto Asset Shopping

Flexa announces a mobile app that will make customers shop with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without difficulties. The mobile app called SPEDN app with developed over a Flexa network. In addition, they also announced a partnership with Gemini Trust Company. This is to leverage and secure cryptocurrency used within the app. Breaking crypto news have been buzzing over the app, hoping that this new software could break cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

Because Two Heads Are Better Than One

Flexa and Gemini collaborates to make an app

With two companies merging to combat difficulties of cryptocurrency exchange, the ultimate goal is to shop with bitcoin without the hassle. Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss said:

This technology shifts cryptocurrency from investment and speculation toward real usability. You can finally buy a cup of coffee with cryptocurrency and a tap off your phone. This moves the broader ecosystem closer to realizing the full promise and power of crypto,

In his article, Winklevoss emphasized that this could be the future of money. While Flexa handles all the transactions: buys and sells, Gemini allows cryptocurrency exchange by using Gemini dollar, bitcoin, etc.

This new technology provides solutions against two major challenges: decentralize the retail payments of traditional networks and conduct less fraudulent transactions.

Actually Shop With Bitcoin

The current state of crypto assets has always been what they usually call “investment”. Most cryptocurrency exchange occurs as buys, sells, and stores and taking advantage of market shifts. Other crypto assets have used to tokenize projects, hoping on the project’s success for revenue. Basically, they’ve always been invested but never used.

The Flexa app makes use of cryptocurrency. All crypto assets are under Gemini custody, providing extra protection on crypto assets while also providing usability. The companies aim to simplify the crypto process:

The SPEDN app is integrated with different major retailers. Through their point-of-sale, a customer can use the mobile app to purchase products or services. Their purchase can be scanned using a code at checkout. The app will deduct the corresponding cryptocurrency from the buyer. Data will be sent through the cryptocurrency exchange platform. And, the merchant will get the corresponding amount in dollars.

This simplified process reduces costs for crypto adoption, user frustration, and market shifts. Although the app is still in its early adaptation, the companies are hopeful that this could be the gateway to cryptocurrency acceptance.
Cryptocurrency Exchange With Major Retailers-Whole Foods, Jamba Juice, Bed Bath, GameStop, Etc.
Major retailers are eyeing the use of cryptocurrency. Shops like Whole Foods and Barnes and Noble are eyeing cryptocurrency adoption. Using the Spedn app, cryptocurrency exchange becomes more possible.

Earlier this week, breaking crypto news said bitcoin price is still going up due to institutional interest. This bullish market may have triggered other retailers interest as more and more companies are considering the use of cryptocurrency.

The Software Solution for Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency adoption becomes difficult when inconvenience arises. The major solution that most experts give is the software development. And software that makes handling cryptocurrency easy also makes adoption easy.

The SPEDN app gives a hopeful light to the stagnating interest with cryptocurrency for the past years. This is the first among software solutions that took interest in making cryptocurrency available in the mainstream.

Who knows? Today, we can pay a cup of coffee using cryptocurrency. Tomorrow, maybe we can pay our rent and taxes with it. All we need is more solutions.

If you’re looking for digital asset solutions or have cryptocurrency questions, we have experts who are willing to help. We have experts of digital transformation with years of experience in our team. Contact us today for more information and become part of the community.

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