Unlock Growth Potential in Decentralized Finance &
Yield Hacking

An emerging financial universe is leading to a paradigm shift in the financial industry.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a paradigm shift in the financial industry. On-DeFi is here to educate and support you and your organization in this new emerging industry we can help you get started with your DeFi project or perfect your DeFi investment strategy.

Risk adjusted DeFi portfolio & Yield Hacking

DeFi portfolio & Yield Hacking

DeFi portfolio & Yield Hacking

Setup a DeFi portfolio and execute crypto trading with risk-adjusted returns through the combined strategies of yield hacking.

Software Development & Architecture

Software Development & Architecture

Create customized end-to-end software that is tailored to your personal or professional requirements.

Project Management & Advisory

Project Management & Advisory

Get expert advice, analysis and guidance with your project and its execution to produce the results you want.

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There are many aspects to explore with DeFi. Discover how to optimize DeFi for you—whether you’re already building your project or starting a new one in this financial universe. We are here to support you. Talk to us and let’s see what we can do for you.

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Paul Hendriksen

I’ve never understood DeFi completely until I worked with Amadeo. He’s certainly knowledgeable and passionate about DeFi. Amadeo helped us in paving the way for innovation in DeFi.

Matt C. Cain

When it comes to blockchain projects, I only work with professionals who know what they’re doing. Amadeo Brands have been one of the key people who have helped us throughout this journey

Understanding the latest concepts

Everything you need to know about Yield Hacking

Your asset portfolio has more potential returns than you think. There are a lot of opportunities within the DeFi investment space and building portfolios around compound strategies is what yield hacking is all about.

Amadeo is the CO-Founder & CTO at EOI Digital and DotYeti.com. Besides that, he is an instructor at the Ivan on Tech Academy about DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Amadeo has an extensive background in Computer Science & Economics and is an early crypto investor, a Fundamental Analyst and Token Engineer with a passion for Decentralized Finance #DeFi. To add, he is an ambassador for MakerDAO and a ringleader for the non-profit foundation BlockDevs Asia, Deo has been an active educator for DeFi around SouthEast Asia.

Amadeo Brands / CTO EOI Digital

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